What to buy a person that has everything?

So, what to buy a person that has everything - just because it doesn't feel right to face them empty-handed?


Like most traditions, gift-giving has also become entirely another challenge than it used to be. First of all, these days we buy gifts way more often, and the biggest difference is that most people don't need or want anything.

In my experience, personalized gifts are more likely to please, especially if we know the recipient's likes and interests. While any cookie is just a cookie that noone any longer remembers a week later, the cookie with giftee's name or favorite flower on it, for example, is sure to get some attention.​ And it will be talked about longer.

Hence, here's a list of very affordable edible kitchen and home gifts. Each one of them has custom options, to make it uniquely suitable for that person that's so difficult to buy a gift for. These custom edible treats also make a great wedding favors, desserts, or ​sweet delights for ourselves and our dear ones. Some of them are individually packed.

You probably know by now that best received and cherished gifts are thoughtful, not expensive, so here's one last idea for someone who likes to bake cookies and cupcakes: edible frosting rounds  - to decorate the proud creations from their kitchen:


All the artworks, designs and written compositions are simply expressions of many facets of Daria's soul. They might - or might not - resonate with you - but they sure make Daria feel Alive as she is putting them together.

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