Sunflowers and blue skies wedding theme

Yellow Sunflower, photo by © 2011 Daria Perse

A very lovely young lady chose Sunflowers and Blue Skies wedding theme for her special day. For the second time in my life I became a wedding planner. Getting ready for this celebration of love was a very special one for several people involved. Besides, the wedding theme was something I'd choose myself. 


The wedding ceremony was very special and the reception afterwords turned out great. Several guests told me times and times again how to them that was the most beautiful wedding they'd ever attended in their life. Words can't even convey how good that made me feel!

Below are the wedding invitations and all the other printed material we've used for that unforgettable event. Maybe these examples can help you plan your walking-down-the-isle day.​

Sunflower postage stamps in any denomination

Sunflower wedding invitations, custom, with envelopes

Custom sunflower RSVP cards with envelopes

Custom address labels

Gold Vintage Sunflower Label
Gold Vintage Sunflower Label by JaclinArt
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Custom return address labels

Yellow Sunflowers Label
Yellow Sunflowers Label by loraseverson
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Heart shaped envelope sealers

Custom "Welcome to the Wedding" banner

Four years later, the young couple's skies are still blue and the sunflowers abound. Even better than that - a precious little baby girl immensely enhanced their bond and she keeps bringing sunshine into everyone's life.


All the artworks, designs and written compositions are simply expressions of many facets of Daria's soul. They might - or might not - resonate with you - but they sure make Daria feel Alive as she is putting them together.

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Play up the light blue in details like signs and linens, and bring in the yellow in the florals and of course in your invitations.

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