How to trust anyone – with anything?


The matter of trust has been on my find for the past few days. So I finally gave in  - and sat down to write some of my thoughts down and share them with whoever might be interested in pondering on the topic. 


Every once in a while I find myself sitting at the red light in a big intersection. As my eyes wander around the roads going into several directions, the overpasses arching above, and the perfect order in which the traffic is moving, I drift into an awe over impeccability of it all. And then the feeling of unquestionable, sure knowing floods my being all over: This kind of perfection can only come from the Source.

Just recently I was watching show about grand architectural designs of unique family houses. And some of them were true pioneering projects that involved great risks. Yet, those visionary future-homeowners had their dreams come true, against all odds.

Driving across a majestic bridge that spans over a large body of water always makes my heart beat a little faster - because of the beauty of it all - ingenuity as well as the views. 

Suspension Bridge, architecture at dusk

If you're a parent, you're most likely familiar with the feeling of pain you felt when you first had to let your child do something out of your comfort zone - or even worse, the feeling overcame you once they left the nest.

In response to all the above situations  - and some others - there's a question I'd been pondering for a while:​

  • How do the future home owners choose contractors they can trust to do things the right way, so their building project turns into a sturdy structure, where they can feel secure, at home, and protected from the elements?
  • How can investors trust designers and builders to convert their money into a sturdy platform, solidly connecting two shores without collapsing under the pressure of traffic and weather?
  • How can a parent trust their children when they are not supervised  - and even more so - once they fly the nest and start creating their own?
Children with bicycle

Children with bicycle

Finally, I woke up one morning with an undeniable knowing, that the answer to all the above complex question is really very simple: The common denominator is Trust.

Everyone has their own Inner Guidance, always calling them toward what's best for them, with the bigger picture in mind.

And that's how the best things and the biggest achievements and most stunning creations in life happen​: They were all built on foundation of Trust.


All the artworks, designs and written compositions are simply expressions of many facets of Daria's soul. They might - or might not - resonate with you - but they sure make Daria feel Alive as she is putting them together.

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