Fancy Starfish


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Fancy Starfish painted rock is nice to keep around because of its powerful symbolism. 

Because Starfish, also known as Stella Maris or Star of the Sea body forth safe travels over troubled seas and preservation amidst any kind of trials. And in Christianity starfish is a symbol of Virgin Mary.

Starfish spiritual meaning

On the subject of seeing a Starfish in your waking life, dream world or visions and synchronicities: that is a sign things are changing and swiftly. It is emblematic of the ‘The Star’ In Tarot. Also, the Starfish is commendation for preparation for times ahead.

For example, it suggests that everything is unfolding as it is divinely meant to be. As usual, Your wishes will manifest through these means. However, be aware of distractions and take note that nothing at this time will derail you from completing what you have laid out before you. All is working for a higher purpose. A dream/goal will be accomplished.

The starfish reminds you of completion, and that a piece of the puzzle is assured. Your ascended worries or concerns have been received. Things will begin to flow from many directions at this time, so receive all with gratitude and with grace. As these are your blessings that have been a long time coming.

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