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Custom cards and postage are all the rave at this time. The list includes: envelopes, greeting and note cards, invitations, labels and stickers, photo cards and postcards, place and table cards, as well as flyers, business cards and much, much more. And let’s not forget the postal stamps.


  1. If you find a card or postage to your liking in DariArts Shop and you require no further customizing, order from this website. After the manufacturing process is finished, your printed products will be mailed to your address directly.
  2. In case you’re not afraid of doing some customizing yourself, go to manufacturer’s – printing facility – website straightly.
  3. Lastly, if you need a custom card or postage and you’d like to hire a designer to do the job, contact me. If so desired, you can see some examples of my invitations, greeting cards, thank you cards.

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