How the symbol came to be

Although the heart-shape is recognized as a symbol of romantic love and affection world-wide, its origins are unknown. In other words, there are many different theories on how it came to be. Some of them are as follows:

  • From the shape or ivy leaves, linked to fidelity.
  • After the curves of a feminine body (breasts, buttocks).
  • Derived from the shape of the seeds of silphium (giant fennel) plant, that became most famous as an early birth control.  Apparently this herb was so important that the ancient city of Cyrene even put the heart shape on its coins.
  • From the shape of human heart/organ.
  • Developed from the geometric shape of inverted triangle. Upside-down triangle represents a vessel in which love is poured or carried. It is also a symbol of the Divine Feminine. Not to mention feminine power in general.

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Spiritual meaning

In spiritual circles, the meaning of the word heart is the center, root, core, substance, vitality – the very being of anything. And especially relevant seems to be the quote below.

“The sun and the moon and the stars, the very space and the clouds and the lightning and the rains—all this miracle of creation is within the heart of man.” (From Chhandogya Upanishad)

In conclusion, no matter what your beliefs or your spiritual path, heart is important. In every meaning of the word – and symbol/shape.

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