What’s in the name?

  • First of all, Flora is the name for the Kingdom of Plants.
  • In addition, there was once a roman deity with the same name – the Goddess of Flowers and Spring. Among other privileges, goddess Flora enjoyed eternal youth. Maybe that’s what made her name fashionable among expecting parents.
  • Flora was a Top 100 name in the 1880’s and 1890’s, then gradually descended. It fell off the list in 1972 – but is still popular in some European countries.
  • In the dialect of Sheffield in UK, Flora refers to a good-looking girl. Usually with long legs  – who is a joy to behold.

But generally speaking, every flower, herb and tree has its own and unique meaning. Or carries emotional message for the recipient. To this day wedding bouquets convey a clear list of expectations and wishes for the upcoming marriage. Especially amidst the European royal families.

On a rock, any member of the Plant Kingdom looks good. The meaning of it and if it makes your heart sing, however, is something only You can know.

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