The essence of feathers is deeply spiritual and the message they carry is positive, uplifting. No wonder they inspired a wide variety of art pieces. In short, they are the symbol of ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane.

Native American culture

Everyone knows that Indian Chiefs proudly wore feathers in their headdresses – as a symbol of their clear communication with Spirit, as well as trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power and freedom. To Native Americans feathers also represented celestial wisdom. Bald and Golden Eagle feathers were valued the most. Because an eagle, the leader of all birds, can fly high enough to have a special connection with heavens.

Furthermore, several other ancient cultures from around the world share the same belief. In their tradition, a feather is the carrier of a mystical story –  and even magic. Among those tribes are Australian Aborigines, Egyptians and Celts.

Feathers appear when Angels are near

Finding any kind of feather  – to these days – means a sign or message from divine. A white feather is angelic – and a symbol of protection or faith. Moreover, it could be telling you that your loved one in heavens is safe and well. Likewise (feathery) messengers from God include birds, butterflies and dragonflies. Painted rocks with all the listed motifs are available in the Shop. New ones are added on a regular basis so – check back often!

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