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Painted Rocks

It seems like painted rocks are more and more popular by the day. And rock painting is an engaging and fun activity for adults as well as their youngsters. Even so, Daria’s painted rocks are unique in many ways.

What’s so special about these stones?

Painting on rocks, river stones, beach stones and pebbles has many convivial advantages.

  • First of all, every one of them comes from its own, specific environment.
  • And, throughout the ages, every stone had been in the process of becoming – inside its micro surroundings.
  • Also, they’ve all been been exposed to the specific climate conditions and elements.
  • Most of all, each one is individually special in their mineral content, color, shape and size.

As a result, every Mother-Nature-made rock radiates its own sui generis life story. And stories are meant to be shared!

Hence, Daria herself keeps a few of her favorites all around her living and working space. So she can pick one to hold in her hand – any time. It’s her little secret that she can clearly feel the painted rock’s positive energy pulsing into her very being. It reminds her of the mobile-phone-fast-charge. 🙂

What are painted rocks used for?

  • Most noteworthy, people use painted rocks to decorate. They are great in private ambiances, work environments, indoor and out.
  • To meditation-practicing persons painted stones sometimes serve as a meditation aid.  Mandalas, representing the Universe, might carry a deep spiritual and ritual meaning in that respect.
  • Due to their cheerful nature, painted rocks are great for collectors.
  • A wonderful custom gift, too.
  • Furthermore, and a Fortune Rock!
  • Finally, every painted rock has its pure and undeniable artistic value. Without exception, DariArts brand art pieces are the result of inspiration from the highest.

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