Neckties for themed celebration parties and weddings

Themed wedding or any kind of theme party is the kind of affair that takes a lot of planning and preparation, more so than any other kind of get-together. At the same time, themed celebrations are very meaningful to at least a couple of people involved.


Consequently, everyone attending is also expected to be more involved - and at least dress accordingly. ​In my experience, a matching neck tie seems to be the biggest challenge to find. In the Style Cravat Boutique there are some unique choices of line, geometric, abstract and floral choices. New styles in array of colors and patterns are added frequently.

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Here are some of my favorite opinions on the history and use of neckties, found here:

Being a good Croatian, I am staking our claim to the being the 'mother country of the necktie'. Apparently in 1635, a whole load of Croatian mercenaries went to Paris to support King Louis XIII, and fashionable Parisians were rather taken by the trendy coloured scarves they wore around their necks. They all started wearing neck scarves 'a la croate', which led to the birth of the cravat, or necktie

Tessa, Bangkok Thailand

Tessa is correct. However, one of the oldest examples of a necktie is found on the life-size terracotta soldiers buried with Chinese emperor Shih Huang Ti in 210 B.C. Each solider wears a carefully wrapped silk cloth around its neck. Other early neckties are depicted on a marble column erected by Roman emperor Trajan in 113 A.D. The column shows legionnaires wearing three versions of neckwear. However, these images are unique, and there is no evidence that either Chinese or Roman men commonly wore neckties. Therefore, I agree with Tessa that the necktie was popularized by Croatians.

Steve, Belo Horizonte Brazil

Having read the other answers, mine seems a little more romantic than factual or historical, but entertaining nonetheless. As a teacher, I have told my students the story of the necktie that I was told. The story goes that in ancient times when a man went off to battle, a lady in waiting (for the single warrior) or a wife (for her husband) would tie a scarf around his neck for safety and good luck in battle.

Vicki Root, San Antonio, Texas USA

Humans like to wear accessories, especially around their necks (necklaces, ties, scarves, etc.), I believe this is because of its ease to put on and just let it hang around. Now, a tie is just a manly accessory that goes around our necks.

César Rincón, Guadalajara, México

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