The art of matching colors

Some matching colors caught my attention this morning - by complementing each other in the way of perfection I never noticed before. My fascination turned out to be powerful enough to be worthy of turning it into words.


Sometimes I sit down quietly, a blank page in front of me, with an idea what I want to "think about on the paper." And once the tip of my pen touches the whiteness of the paper, my mind starts wandering down the paths, never taken before, revealing to me a sneak peak into a new-to-me perspective. However unusual, it's always delightful, though!

As I sat down this morning, my eyes were drawn to a yellow chick with pink eyes and orange beak. In an instant I was in awe over how nicely pink and orange complemented bright yellow.

Each color has its properties, its energy, its beauty and personality even. Every color has the power to complement another in different ways: make it pop or quiet it down, add an accent of overpower it.

A while ago I noticed, how practically any shade of any color in the spectrum can look good on a house, especially on rich, ornate facades - as long as there's enough white color around to provide a fresh, yet neutral background that includes all the colors and at the same time takes the scream away from even the loudest one.​

In the end, my train of color-matching-thought brought me to a point of new perspective. I realized that the art of matching colors can easily be applied to human relationships.

While each person needs its space and is important for their own uniqueness, there's always an option/choice whether to complement or overpower another person.​ Seems to me we all have a privilege to choose between what-feels-good and what-feels-bad, at all times.

Collage below is made of random images from my surroundings - on a topic of matching colors.

Matching colors collage

Matching colors collage

Every now and then I spot a color combo that absolutely takes my breath away. Mother Nature offers that kind of perfection frequently and I am very thankful for being in a state of mind that allows me to see it.

Each option in matching colors has its unique features. Colors blending into each other feel elegant, flowing with ease and calming. Contrasting colors, on the other hand, are catchy, playful, singing, even loud and energizing.​

And our Inner Guidance (call it gut feeling if you prefer!) never fails to let us know down which of the two paths we're walking. 

Thank you colors, you're all so beautiful and also offer a great wisdom!​

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All the artworks, designs and written compositions are simply expressions of many facets of Daria's soul. They might - or might not - resonate with you - but they sure make Daria feel Alive as she is putting them together.

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I love how you have such beautiful understanding of life. To me color and sound are what makes life.


    Thank you for your input, Ruth, I had a feeling of all the people, you would “get it!” I wish we wrote some articles together again!

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