What to do when feeling down – a few things that work for me

There is Light - Photo by Daria Perse ©2017

I've been through more than my fair share of feeling down episodes this lifetime. Although this might sound a bit crazy, I've learned along the way, that times of depression also have their bright side.


Tasting the sweetness and excitement of zest for life made me realize how much I despise not feeling good. Hence, I developed some methods to get out of funk faster.

Move Your Body Out of Feeling Down

Go for a walk - Photo by Daria Perse ©2017

Go for a walk - Photo by Daria Perse ©2017

Whether you've practiced that before or not, physical activity does make a difference when feeling down. Do some cleaning, exercise or go for a walk - no matter what your preference might be - as long as you're at least dragging your body around. ​It is the first step in the better-feeling direction.

There really is No such thing as "one size fits all" prescription for feeling better - that works for everyone - but even attempt at looking for change is a step in the right direction!

3 tips to milk the feel-good momentum

  • If you're cleaning, take a moment to admire the results of your activity - every second counts!
  • If you're walking, keep looking for things to appreciate, enjoy the nature's perfection, peace, beauty...
  • If you're exercising, notice how your muscles are responding to the moves by hardening up and lactic acid building up, making you feel the burn.​ It's working, baby!! 🙂

Treat Yourself

Potted plant helps me rise toward the light - Image by Daria Perse ©2017

Potted plant helps me rise toward the light - Image by Daria Perse ©2017

Treat yourself in any way that appeals to you. For me, flowers had been lifesavers time and time again because they never cease to cheer me up. No wonder I became a proud owner of many potted plants during the times of feeling down. There's another benefit to plants - they are a longer time solution. They keep my loving attention and help me "rise toward the light."

And if you don't have a soft spot for flowers in your heart, go and hang a new shower curtain in your bathroom, lay a new rug down in the kitchen or at your front door, get a new lamp or do something as crazy as rearranging the furniture.

Beautify Your Living Space

  • Anything that improves, changes or beautifies your living or work space - will definitely make a difference in the way you're feeling - towards the upside, that is.

Love Yourself

Love Yourself - Art & Photo by Daria Perse ©2017

Love Yourself - Art & Photo by Daria Perse ©2017

Last but not least, you Can choose to Love Yourself, at any time. It is a process (not a flip of a switch!) from feeling down to feeling love for Your Self. But simply making a decision like that will make a positive difference.

If choosing love resonates with you, I recommend you search Amazon for the helpful, short and sweet, book on the topic titled: ​Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant. You just might find a spiritual golden nugget in there.

Step by Step

  • If all else fails, maybe you can work on recalling what it feels like to be loved. 
  • Close your eyes and immerse yourself in that feeling. The more you can feel it, the better.
  • Stay there for as long as you possibly can. 
  • Repeat often! 🙂

I'm sure You also have some ways of veering the way you feel toward improvement. You're more than welcome to share them in the comments below. Sending Love and Light your way, every time I possibly can! 🙂


All the artworks, designs and written compositions are simply expressions of many facets of Daria's soul. They might - or might not - resonate with you - but they sure make Daria feel Alive as she is putting them together.

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Marilyn dvet

Daria…you’re a great artist. expressionist and friend! Keep up your great work that is your God given talent!👍💕


    That is a Beautiful praise, dear Marilyn, and I very much appreciate it, thank you!! All I ever do is follow my heart and sometimes I’m being called to share some thoughts while other times the colors and shapes take over my world. More often than not I’m surprised over seeing the final result. When that happens I know it was inspired creativity which I allow to flow through me, that created those pieces. And I was just a willing tool… <3 🙂

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