Custom gifts for a cow-crazy kid

Cute little cow emoji

The other day I had the following conversation with a very funny and clever two-and-a-half year old girl: 


Me: So, what would you like for your birthday?
Her: Well, a gift!
Me: And what should I wrap in your gift?
Her: A little cow!

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​At first her response made me wonder what my choices might be. Toys are not an option and I know she already has plenty of legos and animal lego figurines she likes to play with.

Then I remembered Zazzle's selection of products with custom prints and started looking into cow stickers, greeting cards, t-shirts and mugs. I was pleasantly surprised how many really cute choices I found. No more worries about this little one's unusual birthday-present wish. Yaaay!! :)​

Of course there is a lot more custom products to choose from on the "cow" topic at that same website. Check them out for yourself if you ever need a cow-theme present, no matter what the recipient's age... lol

View more gifts at Zazzle.

All the artworks, designs and written compositions are simply expressions of many facets of Daria's soul. They might - or might not - resonate with you - but they sure make Daria feel Alive as she is putting them together.

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