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Size, weight and color

Please note that the Size of every painted stone for sale is approximate only.

Because most of the natural stones do Not come in a perfect geometric or symmetric shape.  So, find more details about the size, weight and color of my finished painted rocks below.  

About Daria’s Painted Rocks

Someone very dear to (my) Daria's heart was the reason I ever took a closer look into a rock painting. Right away, Daria was wholesomely hooked! 🙂 Ever since, I love painting on stones, pebbles and sea glass - more than anything!

Purple Rose and Romantic Butterfly

With countless expressions of love through flowers, no wonder different shades of blooms have taken on very specific symbolic meanings, to clearly convey - without using words - the nature of feelings for the recipient. 

Three colorful flowers in brown vase

While every flower color holds its symbolic meaning, a colorful bouquet might be most attractive and uplifting to many. When arranged in a delicately designed vase, the effect just might turn out to be stunning.

Bursting into life is lavender and yellow

Lavender and yellow seems to be a popular color combination for weddings and other uplifting-color-themed parties. To me these two colors together feel almost soothing so this art piece could be a suitable motif for baby shower or bridal shower.