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Bursting into life is lavender and yellow

Lavender and yellow seems to be a popular color combination for weddings and other uplifting-color-themed parties. To me these two colors together feel almost soothing so this art piece could be a suitable motif for baby shower or bridal shower. 

Bright orange petals bring joy and sunshine to your heart

There's something about these bright orange petals in this mixed technique piece of mine that fills me up with life energy and makes my heart beat faster. May be you don't feel the same about this painting but here's a description I found on another website that in a way explains the way I feel:

Sunflowers and blue skies wedding theme

A very lovely young lady chose Sunflowers and Blue Skies wedding theme for her special day. For the second time in my life I became a wedding planner. Getting ready for this celebration of love was a very special one for several people involved. Besides, the wedding theme was something I'd choose myself. 


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Butterflies are flowers, fluttering around, bringing happiness and symbolizing zest for life and appreciation of the kingdom of blossoming plants. I always notice them when I'm aligned with the Source. In return, they provide an endless array of motifs and inspiration for my artwork.


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'Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.'
~Jim Carrey

For moments when there are no words – a perfect sympathy card

Sooner or later everyone of us experiences a moment in life when we are at loss for words because there are none that could describe or express the way we feel. One of those moments is a loss of someone we were close with, a loss of a loved one. In an instance of that nature it's difficult to say anything at all but a meaningful sympathy card, expressing our condolences in a sophisticated way, can say it all.