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The art of matching colors

Some matching colors caught my attention this morning - by complementing each other in the way of perfection I never noticed before. My fascination turned out to be powerful enough to be worthy of turning it into words.

Purple Rose and Romantic Butterfly

With countless expressions of love through flowers, no wonder different shades of blooms have taken on very specific symbolic meanings, to clearly convey - without using words - the nature of feelings for the recipient. 

I’m so happy I feel like I’m flying

I feel so happy I feel like I'm flying - very once in a while. May be that the planets are aligned just perfectly (like on one's birth day). Or the skies are blue and flowers abound while the birds are enthusiastically chirping their songs away.

Three colorful flowers in brown vase

While every flower color holds its symbolic meaning, a colorful bouquet might be most attractive and uplifting to many. When arranged in a delicately designed vase, the effect just might turn out to be stunning.