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How to be spiritual and raise your vibration easy

These are different times. There are more spiritual teachers and teachings out there than any time in the history of humans. That should make it easy for everyone to find an easy way to become more spiritual and raise their vibration. But, is that really the case?

About Daria’s Painted Rocks

Someone very dear to (my) Daria's heart was the reason I ever took a closer look into a rock painting. Right away, Daria was wholesomely hooked! 🙂 Ever since, I love painting on stones, pebbles and sea glass - more than anything!

Stylish metal wall art for industrial style and modern homes

Made of aluminum, metal wall art features attractive, eye-catching glossy finish. When printed on metal, bright colors get even more vibrant - and adding a noteworthy character to the room. Considering all that, metal wall art sounds like a recipe for an exceptional piece of wall decor or even a conversational piece you and your guests will admire for years to come.

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